PayTrace delivers interchange optimization

Our gateway optimizes data fields, providing instant access to Level II & Level III savings. B2B & B2G purchases can qualify for lower rates by entering additional data at the time of the transaction. Companies that use business, or government cards can qualify for level III rates and can benefit from significant savings.

Large ticket transactions frequently benefit from interchange optimization. PayTrace knows which cards qualify for Level II and Level III interchange savings. We are optimized to intelligently process the most Level II and Level III qualifying data. This enables us to deliver the opportunity for lower merchant processing fees. We turn hours of work into seconds; making your work easy and saving labor costs.

PayTrace settled more than $35 billion in 2019. Over $19 billion was settled on Level II & Level III eligible cards.

PayTrace’s expertise with interchange optimization enables merchants to settle a lot of transactions, and we’re pretty accurate, too.

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What is interchange?

Interchange is a rate or fee charged by banks to cover the cost of handling and risk involved in bank credit or debit card transactions.

Interchange optimization is available on all PayTrace products, all day, every day.

On our platform, merchants qualify for the best interchange rates on every transaction. Our omni channel solution for secure payments is available online, in-office POS, and through any mobile device. Even merchants accepting payments through common accounting software, CRM, and ERP applications connecting to our API are saving with interchange optimization.

Who sets the rates?

Interchange rates are set by credit card companies such as MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover. Visa and MasterCard typically publish updated interchange rates in April and October.

These rates are current as of April 2020, and now effective July 2020 for the public.

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Are there fees associated with interchange?

In addition to the interchange rate, credit card processing companies often include other fees that are passed along to merchants as part of their processing costs.

What data is required to qualify for each rate?

VISA and MasterCard require different amounts of data to qualify for Level II and Level III rates. PayTrace optimizes this data so merchants can qualify for higher savings on each transaction.

Finally, a decoder ring for your statements

We’ve partnered with CCSalesPro to create a prospecting tool that analyzes B2B merchant credit card statements. See a true dollar total of how qualifying for Level III can impact the bottom line.

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MasterCard does not distinguish B2B merchants the same way Visa does

MasterCard wants all the data. To qualify for the best data rates, make sure you input info into ALL PO fields and tax amounts greater than $0. If you don’t, the “standard rate monster” will be knocking at your door.

PayTrace Interchange Optimization Best Rates Awesome Rates Better Rates Less Optimal Rates
MC BUSINESS DEBIT CARD N/A 2.10% + $0.10 2.65% + $0.10 2.95% + $0.10
MC BUSINESS LVL 1 CARD N/A 1.90% + $0.10 1.90% + $2.65% + $0.10 2.95% + $0.10
MC BUSINESS LVL 2 CARD N/A 2.05% + $0.10 2.80% + $0.10 3.10% + $0.10
MC BUSINESS LVL 3 CARD N/A 2.10% + $0.10 2.85% + $0.10 3.15% + $0.10
MC BUSINESS LVL 4 CARD N/A 2.20% + $0.10 2.95% + $0.10 3.25% + $0.10
*May qualify for large ticket
2.50% + $0.10 2.70% + $0.10 2.95% + $0.10
COMMERCIAL PREPAID N/A 2.65% + $0.10 2.65% + $0.10 2.95% + $0.10
LARGE TARGET 1.45% + $35.00 1.45% + $35.00 N/A N/A

All rates noted above are publicly available.
MasterCard rates and rules subject to change.

VISA requires less data upfront

Always submit AVS information and a PO number with your transactions. If you’re able to include a tax value greater than $0, you’ll qualify for Level 2 and Level 3 rates, which are even lower than regular B2B rates.

What’s required? Level 3 Data Level 2 Data Tax > $0 B2B MCC Tax = $0 Swipe Tax = $0 Key-in Tax = $0 No Tax No AVS No Tax
PayTrace Interchange Optimization Best Rates Awesome Rates Great Rates Better Rates Good Rates Less Optimal Least Optimal
VISA COMMERCIAL PREPAID CARD N/A N/A N/A 2.15% + $0.10 2.65% + $0.10 2.65% + $0.10 2.95% + $0.10
VISA CORPORATE/PURCHASING CARD 1.90% + $0.10 2.50% + $0.10 N/A 2.50% + $0.10 2.70% + $0.10 2.95% + $0.10 2.95% + $0.10
VISA BUSINESS TIER 1 CARD N/A 2.05% + $0.10 2.20% + $0.10 2.25% + $0.10 2.40% + $0.10 2.95% + $0.20 3.15% + $0.10
VISA BUSINESS TIER 2 CARD N/A 2.05% + $0.10 2.25% + $0.10 2.30% + $0.10 2.45% + $0.15 2.75% + $0.15 2.95% + $0.20
VISA BUSINESS TIER 3 CARD N/A 2.05% + $0.10 2.40% + $0.10 2.40% + $0.10 2.60% + $0.20 2.85% + $0.20 2.95% + $0.20
VISA BUSINESS TIER 4 CARD N/A 2.20% + $0.10 2.50% + $0.10 2.50% + $0.10 2.70% + $0.20 2.95% + $0.20 2.95% + $0.25

All rates noted above are publicly available.
Visa rates and rules subject to change.

Your annual spending affects your interchange rate

These “tiers” or “levels” are typically known as the Annual Account Spend. The card category is based on how much money your customer spends with this card on an annual basis. The more money that’s spent on any given business card, the higher the rates.

Visa Annual Account Spend

Customer Annual Spend

MasterCard Annual Account Spend

Customer Annual Spend

Discover B2B opportunities in your zip code

Level II and Level III rates apply to B2B purchases, and PayTrace works best with those qualifying purchases. B2B merchants are all around you.

Locate B2B merchants in your area

Pick your top 5 B2B industries

Visa sorts industries by Merchant Category Codes (MCC). Start by picking your top five industries of interest, then apply each code into the Supplier Locator.

MCC 8931
Accounting, Auditing, and Bookkeeping Services
MCC 7372
Computer Programming, Data Processing, & Integrated Systems Design Services
MCC 7392
Management, Consulting, and Public Relations Services
MCC 5198 | Paints, Varnishes and Supplies
MCC 7311
Advertising Services
MCC 5039

Construction Materials
MCC 5047

Medical, Dental, Ophthalmic and Hospital Equipment and Supplies
MCC 5044

Photographic, Photocopy, Microfilm Equipment & Software
MCC 5192
Books, Periodicals and Newspapers
MCC 5099

Durable Goods
MCC 5137

Men’s, Women’s, and Children’s Uniforms & Commercial Clothing
MCC 5131
Piece Goods, Notions, and Other Dry Goods
MCC 7399
Business Services
MCC 5065

Electrical Parts and Equipment
MCC 5051
Metal Service Centers and Offices
MCC 5074
Plumbing and Heating Equipment and Supplies
MCC 5169
Chemicals and Allied Products
MCC 7361
Employment Agencies and Temporary Help Services
MCC 2741
Miscellaneous Publishing and Printing
MCC 8999
Professional Services
MCC 7349
Cleaning, Maintenance, and Janitorial Services
MCC 5193
Florist Supplies, Nursery Stock and Flowers
MCC 7829
Motion Picture & Video Tape Production and Distribution
MCC 1799
Special Trade Contractors
MCC 5046
Commercial Equipment
MCC 5085
Industrial Supplies
MCC 4214
Motor Freight Carriers and Trucking
MCC 2842
Specialty Cleaning, Polishing and Sanitation Preparations
MCC 5139
Commercial Footwear
MCC 7375
Information Retrieval Services
MCC 5199
Nondurable Goods
MCC 8734
Testing Laboratories (Non-Medical Testing)
MCC 7333
Commercial Photography, Art & Graphics
MCC 6300
Insurance Sales, Underwriting, and Premiums
MCC 5021
Office and Commercial Furniture
MCC 2791
Typesetting, Plate Making and Related Services
MCC 7379
Computer Maintenance, Repair & Services
MCC 0780
Landscaping and Horticultural Services

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